Letter: Matt Huffman must resign after offensive comment

Resign, Matt Huffman, resign. You offended half of your constituents, who are honest, hard-working women, that will not put up with that type of profanity. Matt, you were even in sensitivity training a week before this tirade you went on as the emcee for a GOP roast. You are on record for saying these prolific things about several women in your own party.

We do not, nor will we ever, accept your apology. We still wonder why you sponsored gerrymandering of the Ohio Congressional Districts in 2012. Now with Fair Districts = Fair Elections showing you options for making elections fair in Ohio, your response is a feigning act, that you need to look it over.

We also remember your fervor against the Ohio Public Service Unions when you were the bill’s sponsor. Thank the Lord it was rescinded by Ohio voters and even defeated in Allen County, your own district. Some legislative toppers in your career were allowing guns in bars, signing a pledge to Grover Norquist, allowing oil drilling and mining on public land and along with Kasich putting your fingers in every financial facet of the state, just because you could.

Matt, your election financial statements, all 100-plus pages every year, looks like a who’s who of corporate lobbyist and front men that just so happen to be given the exact attention they have paid for. Collecting nearly a million dollars a term for a $65,000 job sure leaves out the “better half” of the state who are struggling to send their kids to a decent school system or college.

After the vulgar and derogatory comments you made last week, you do not get a second chance. Resign, Matt Huffman, resign.

Bo Huenke



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