Letter: Neighborhood specialists truly benefit city of Lima

During a December Lima City Council meeting, one of the council members wanted to know what was the job of the neighborhood specialist. He seemed to imply that as far as he could see, nothing was being done.

For about 20 years, I was a part of the Hope Neighborhood Association. Throughout those years I had the pleasure of working closely with our neighborhood specialist. They were responsible for helping to organize the annual LACNIP Dinner. They attended all neighborhood association meetings. They played a key role in setting up National Night Out, Make A Difference Day and City Wide Pride.

They were also responsible for getting delegates from our neighborhood associations to attend the annual Regional Neighborhood Networks Conference, which is hosted by five different states. It’s a place where community leaders, volunteers and others come together to learn from various workshops designed to help better our communities.

This is only a fraction of the neighbor specialist’s responsibilities.

We get good returns on our investment for the money that is spent on our neighborhood specialist. She is currently working hard to revitalize our neighborhood associations throughout our city.

Bill Jackson



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