Letter: Residents need someone who will stand up for them

At last we have tax reform. In 2016 our congressman campaigned on two themes — “Repeal and replace Obamacare” and “Responsible fiscal policy.” The question is just what do we have, and what does it mean for the people of the 5th District?

Tax reform has now passed and been signed into law. Whether it is better or not depends on a person’s financial status. The wealthy, especially those who support our congressman with big donations, are happy. The corporations, especially those who support our congressman with big donations, are ecstatic. 2017 saw the big corporations make record profits, and 2018 will see even bigger profits and higher dividends for those who own stock in corporate America because of the tax cuts the Congressman supported.

I would have insisted the corporations qualify for tax breaks based on their creation of new jobs and bringing back jobs to America from foreign countries. This would be reviewable every four years, and the renewable tax break would be contingent upon the corporation’s continuing fulfillment of bringing jobs back to America.

Finally, we can’t forget our congressional representative, who will be favorably impacted by the tax deductions for those making $200,000. Don’t you wish you could give yourself a tax break like he voted for himself?

After 10 years of empty promises and political double talk, the 5th District deserves someone who will stand up for them, who will listen to them, and most importantly will vote in their best interests.

Bob Kreienkamp


Kreienkamp is a candidate in the Republican primary for the 5th congressional district.


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