Letter: If cable frustrates you, file a complaint with FCC

We have only one cable company in this area, Spectrum/Time Warner, and their prices for each or all services are outrageous. My cable cost has gone up $55 the last two years due to the plan I am in and equipment charges. These charges are every year, but I don’t receive anything extra or get different or better equipment.

I spoke with a supervisor at Spectrum to find out why I can’t get the advertised price of $29.99 per service. I was told this is for new customers, and the price does not include the equipment charges or other charges. The advertisement does not specify these rates are for new customers only. Spectrum is a monopoly, and if we want cable, we have no other company we can go to.

I called the FCC and was given a website to go to file complaints. It is consumercomplaints.fcc.gov. If you have two or three services, click on TV, Phone or Internet, and answer everything with a red asterisk and submit. Spectrum is given 30 days to respond to the FCC. I have received two emails from the FCC since I filed my complaint.

I know several people that are dissatisfied with the rate they pay Spectrum and can’t afford their prices, others have had to give up their service. If more customers would file complaints, maybe Spectrum would come out with more reasonable plans.

Janet Bohmer



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