Letter: Progressive liberal editors choose the news stories

The Lima News headline Thursday was “Trump presidency creates alternate reality.” People who call themselves journalists create hysteric headlines over President Trump’s assessment of issues facing this country. The media is obsessed to find any way to say President Trump has it wrong, did it wrong or said it wrong! President Trump is spot on every time!

The deranged media is hysterical and goes insane over anything and everything President Trump says, does, looks at, eats, etc. Just ask the President’s physician, who was asked questions for 49 minutes about the President’s health.

Where are the headlines about the record-setting stock market, the economy improving, black unemployment at the lowest since 1972 and historic tax cuts where many corporations are passing their tax savings dollars directly to their employees in the form of bonuses? Where are those headlines?

As we are on the precipice of potentially the biggest scandal in American history and a full frontal assault on the Constitution, the media is silently complacent.

There was election tampering, but it was perpetrated by Clintons and the DNC. The primary was rigged, American citizens were spied on by the Obama Administration, FISA Court was abused by FBI, CIA, DIA, and all colluded to influence a presidential election with a totally fabricated dossier on the Donald Trump, 20 percent of U.S. uranium was sold to the Russians while Clinton was Secretary of State and as she peddled classified secrets via the Clinton Foundation.

All these are newsworthy by my estimations, but the media has determined what we need to know. The “fake” news headlines are what some liberal has chosen for you to know… for your own good!

LuAnn Lause



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