Letter: Beware Democrats’ plans on immigration reform

This past week, President Trump held an interesting meeting with Democrats on immigration with the video press present. The Democrats kept using the term “comprehensive immigration reform.” Well, this means different things to you and I and to the Democrats.

The Democrats in reality want to throw the gates to the country open to everyone. They want citizenship for the illegals and the DACA people. The fact remains that these people are here illegally, and the consequence of that should be that they do not get something that they do not deserve. First I say they do not get citizenship, ever. I am willing to say that they can stay, and they can work if they have not done any criminal act, that is enough.

Now for immigration reform. First we need to build the wall, or in a few years we will be in this same situation again with millions of people here who have crashed the border. Reform must include a requirement for all citizens to know English and have a good knowledge of our Constitution. All new immigants need to demonstrate that they have skills necessary to support themselves. No more chain migration, anchor babies or lottery. We must end automatic citizenship for persons born in this country of non-citizen parents. Do you know that there are birthing hotels in cities all along the border just for the purpose of allowing pregnant women to have a baby in this country?

Citizenship in the United States is one of the most valuable things a person can have, and the Democrats would devalue it by just passing it out to anyone who can crash our gates. We need realistic American immigration laws that are enforced.

Phillip C Sellati



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