Letters: Coal should be least of our worries now


Yes, Kelly, there is a Santa, the guy who put that lump of coal in your stocking over the mantle, over which you burn the yule log on chilly winters’ day.

There are countless of other chimneys, not only yours which spew forth soot, carbon emissions and creosote into the atmosphere, while blocking out the sun’s rays, thus cooling the earth.

Hey wait, what about the volcanoes which ground planes for weeks on end due to clouds of ash blocking out our shiny orb, the CO2 and sulfur are located here, of the circle of fire around every continent on earth heating our oceans due to the movement of our land masses, of the great fires in California? Perhaps we should fine this state of disarray for its pollutant qualities.

The so-called movie stars have their giant limousines, private aircraft producing vapor trails from tons of fossil fuels produced by turning blades not producing electrical power for our homes.

Remember that shiny diamond on your finger and dangling from your ear is nothing more than compressed coal with added heat, and that rather rotund Al Gore produces gas, top to bottom from his person, living in huge mansions and flying on wings of jet — pass the fuel please.

Oh yes, not to forget, a lot of cancer is created from too much sun.

So, Kelly, take that lump of coal, cherish it, place it under your pillow, dream of toasty warmth on a cold winters’ day, and while you’re at it, thank a coal miner today.

Leslie J. Kubinski



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