Letter: For region to thrive, it must communicate

I read Mike Swick’s column on Sunday introducing Greater Lima Region, Inc. with interest. The goal is to see the Lima region thrive.

My challenge to the investors and board members is to closely examine their own businesses and implement strategies there.

Page 10C on Sunday’s paper notes Lima Memorial achieved the next step for patient safety recognizing the strategic value of improving patient care with EMR. My family carries our own paper charts to appointments to improve efficiency and heighten communication with the provider.

There is no communication between EMR systems, no communication between departments within one EMR system. The pharmacies, who are actively giving immunizations in our community, are not able to document in the EMR system at all.

Is it going to take a single-payer health care system before we can obtain seamless flow of needed information? Why not start by employing people to scan and type data in the EMR? Waiting days to see a doctor for acute care because of unavailability of appointments, taking in consideration half of the doctor’s time is being spent dealing with EMR, just adds to the influx of people being seen in emergency rooms.

I would prefer to shop locally, but our local retail industry doesn’t always make that easy. Who else has been led to a computer in the store and told to order it online?

Connie Diller

Columbus Grove


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