Letter: Disputing the arguments of a Jordan opponent


This letter is in response to Clarence Roller’s letter “Jordan continues to act like a whiny, bratty child.”

Here are a few holes in Roller’s delusional lies. Fox News has not given up investigation and reporting on Hillary Clinton’s sale of uranium to the Russians.

All politicians (Republicans and Democrats) who are vested in the government pension receive large retirements—-not just Jim Jordan.

As to Roller’s insinuation that Jordan is a Neaderthal, I have made personal contact with both Roller and Jordan, and I would have to say that Roller looks and acts more Neanderthal than Jordan.

As to his assertion that Clinton is a bastion of innocence—-when you have the recently disposed head of the FBI, Jim Comey, on the Clinton Foundation payroll, is there any wonder why there was no evidence of wrongdoing by Clinton?

The way the Democrats are stone-walling legislation as a revenge to losing the presidential election, no one sponsors any successful legislation, let alone Jim Jordan. Who, then, is really whiny and bratty?

Both parties should be cooperating with Trump and Jordan in working for the betterment of the country and not for political gain!

Tom Riegle



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