Letter: Common Threads helped Lima through Wilson’s death

Ten years ago, Allen County Common Threads helped our community respond to the tragic death of Tarika Wilson. (See Lima News, Jan. 1.)

Lima Senior High School invited Common Threads, a local volunteer organization which promotes arts-based civic dialogue, to lead small-group student dialogue sessions at LSH. Common Threads trained 76 volunteers to facilitate the student groups.

Twelve hundred students, in five-person groups, shared personal stories and listened to each other during four days of dialogue from Feb. 21-24. Common Threads, with help from Sojourn Theatre Company – professionals from Portland, Oregon – created the project in just three weeks. Student evaluations were positive. Said one student, “It gave everybody insight on what others think.”

Common Threads continues to sponsor civic dialogue. The next quarterly Public Officials Dialogue Lunch will meet at noon Jan. 24 at the Chamber of Commerce.

Judith E. Gilbert and Martha MacDonell



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