Letter: Jordan continues to act like a whiny, bratty child


I see our congressional representative from the gerrymandered duck district (check its shape) in Ohio is acting like the same whiny child as when he was in the state legislature.

Back then if the governor, a fellow Republican, didn’t do what Jimmy said, then he would throw a fit, stomp around and do the spoiled brat thing. In Columbus, he was a member of what fellow Republicans called the neanderthal caucus.

Now he fancies himself as a High Priest and true believer in all things conservative and a founder of the House Freedom Caucus.

There are a few things to know about Jim: He has never had a real job. His paycheck has always been funded with public tax dollars.

He is vested in a pension, so at age 62 he has an undiscounted pension with final average earnings north of $170,000.

He has never been the lead sponsor of any major piece of legislation that was enacted in to law. Can you imagine being a member of any company’s management, and for 12 years none of your ideas were accepted? I can hear the guy in the White House saying “you’re fired”!

As for re-investigating Uranium One, even Fox News has blown that one out of the water.

As for Benghazi, seven Republican-chaired Congressional committees found absolutely nothing except Hillary Rodham Clinton used a personal computer server, which while not being illegal was not recommended.

Maybe in a few years our our congressional districts will be redrawn so it doesn’t look like a Rorschach test. Then Jim will not be in one of those guaranteed seats. One can only hope.

Clarence C. Roller




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