Letter: DeWine best fit for Republicans

Analysis of the Republican Candidates for Governor

First up on the Republican primary ticket is Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor. The 51-year-old former state auditor has been doubling as the director for the Ohio Department of Insurance since her election in 2011. Despite her experience as Governor Kasich’s running mate in the 2010 and 2014, her personal campaign has been anything but effective. The campaign appears tepid and novice at times, with no excitement or political base visible. For Taylor to even have a chance in the May primaries, she needs to distinguish herself as a viable candidate who actually has constituents that will vote for her.

Next is Congressman Jim Renacci. The 59-year-old millionaire is a representative for Ohio’s 16th District in Cleveland. Renacci was an early Trump supporter and has had frequent meetings with the president. With the way elections are heading for Republicans in the Trump wing of the GOP, if Renacci does win the primary in May, a victory in the general election is unlikely.

Finally, the last contender is former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine. The 70-year-old career politician definitely has the most name recognition in the state. His smartest move in the campaign was making former rival Jon Husted his running-mate. This effectively neutralized his competition and made the duo a Republican powerhouse. Even with DeWine’s age being a possible factor, DeWine has a full lineup of stops around the state. DeWine is without a doubt the best candidate for the Republican Party if they wish to secure the Ohio governorship again.

Logan Rex, Lima


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