LETTER: Listen to people about redistricting

State Senator Matt Huffman sits on a bipartisan Congressional Redistricting Working Group poised with reviewing and reforming Ohio’s failed redistricting process that paves the way for legislators to draw districts that benefit the party in charge. Rather than listening to the call from tens of thousands of people who signed the Fair Districts petition to put real redistricting reform on the ballot in November, Huffman said that he and Senate President Larry Obhof want to see a redistricting proposal that includes “shades of Issue 1” but primarily gives the Statehouse “substantial control” over the way Congressional lines are drawn.

Sen. Matt Huffman, this won’t give Ohioans the redistricting reform that we desperately need.

Ohio is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country, and Sen. Huffman should be working towards a fix that adequately addresses the problem. States with the most competitive districts have bi-partisan districting commissions draw their district lines. Ohio should too.

Lisa Robeson, Bluffton


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