Letters: Be thankful for Jim Jordan

It appears that there is a Democrat sponsored letter writing campaign to trash Jim Jordan in progress in our area. Well this is not one of those letters. I believe that Jim Jordan is doing a wonderful job of representing our district. Most of the negative letters look to be from true Kool Aid drinking Hillary supporters, and dedicated Trump haters.

President Trump and Jim Jordan are doing a wonderful job of rescuing our country from the damage that Obama and the Democrats did during the last eight years. We must continue to support them and their policies like Tax Reform and the repeal of the Individual Mandate fines Obama care imposed on so many . Just a note: How many folks saw a reduction of $2,500 per year in their health insurance premiums? Can the negative letter writers name any one?

I truly believe that the Muller investigation is the Witch Hunt that President Trump called it. It is a complete farce instigated by partisan Democrat FBI and other Intelligence operatives with one goal: that is to destroy the Trump administration. The best thing that could happen would be for the president to fire Muller and his minions and have the Attorney General appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Hillary, Houma Aberdeen, Comey and their associates and all others involved in the Uranium One deal and the phony Trump dossier.

Kenneth E. Harris, Lima


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