Letter: Taking it out on children

A letter writer to The Lima News says she has contacted U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan about the children’s health program.

She needs to be informed that Jordan could care less about children. He proved this by trying to kill the ACA that provides Medicaid to 100,000 children in Ohio and 600,000 adults. Then he voted yes to cut 13 million off the rolls by repealing sections of Obamacare which no doubt includes millions of kids.

I wonder if Jordan ever meets with hospital CEO’s or financial people to get their input on what these cuts will mean. He works 130 days a year, so he probably doesn’t have time. Now Paul Ryan says we must “adjust” entitlements through reform.

Guess which programs?

If you said Medicare and Social Security, go to the head of the class.

The budget they passed cuts Medicaid one trillion over ten years and proposes to give you a worthless voucher for Medicare. Of course Jordan voted an enthusiastic yes on these proposed cuts. The tax bill give 85 percent of the tax cuts to the wealthy, and as a bonus, one-third will go to foreign investors. We had no hearings, no expert witnesses, no ammendments. They knew it would kill this turkey. And Trump tells his friends “you are going to get richer.” Trump will get millions we think; but not sure as he says he is still in “audit.”

James Perine, Lima

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