Letter: Ohio takes innovative steps toward cybersecurity


A statewide initiative led by the National Guard to prepare for cyberattacks was mentioned in the article “Task Force Lima fly-in visit a success” that was posted online Dec. 18.

At the request of Gov. John Kasich, the Ohio National Guard formed the Ohio Cyber Collaboration Committee (OC3). This diverse group of more than 200 representatives from public, private, military and educational organizations from across the state, including northwest Ohio, came together to strengthen cybersecurity in Ohio.

One of our key goals is to expand the trained cyber workforce by increasing the number of students studying cybersecurity and by working with our educational partners to ensure students are learning the skills employers require for these high-paying jobs.

We are also creating a cyber range, a virtual training and testing environment, to better prepare students for careers in cybersecurity. The cyber range’s first virtual capture the flag competition took place recently in Columbus, and future competitions are being planned throughout the state. In future phases, we will expand the cyber range to serve all Ohio colleges, universities and high schools.

OC3 is also developing cyber incident response teams with trained, qualified volunteers who will be able to provide emergency assistance to eligible small public and private sector organizations.

The committee will use public awareness tools to educate and inform Ohioans about good cybersecurity practices, and ensure cyber threats are part of emergency planning throughout the public and private sectors.

OC3 shows Ohio’s commitment to keeping the state ahead of the curve with new technologies and innovations.

Cybersecurity professionals interested in becoming involved with OC3 may contact Mark Bell, cybersecurity outreach coordinator, at mark.a.bell16.nfg@mail.mil.

Maj. Gen. Mark E. Bartman


Maj. Gen. Mark E. Bartman is the Ohio adjutant general.


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