Letter: Jordan’s rheteroic on FBI getting old quickly


So Jim Jordan thinks that the FBI tried to keep Trump from being elected?

Given the performance we have seen thus far from Trump, I wish someone had succeeded. Second, Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million.

The FBI held onto information Russia was trying to influence the election in Trump’s favor, yet only 10 days before the election FBI Director James Comey released information on new emails located, which amounted to a “nothing burger” and an admission that no criminal activity was found on Clinton’s part. Yet this obviously put doubt in many voter’s minds, which may have cost her the election.

So Mr. Jordan, your obsession with getting Hillary charged with something is wearing a bit thin. After how many investigations and how many decisions that there was no wrongdoing, what is it you don’t get?

You said that the American people do not believe the FBI and are disgusted with what is going on in the investigation of Russian influence in the Trump campaign. When Mueller was chosen, he was respected on both sides of the aisle. He is a Republican, as are the higher-ups in the justice department as well as the FBI. But both you and Trump are trying to tell the American people we should not trust the agency.

Could it be that Mueller is getting very close to the Oval Office, and you are all getting nervous?

The hypocrisy on the right is chilling. Deficits don’t matter if you can give your donors and the wealthy class a large tax cut. So do not ever speak of welfare fraud again because if you do you need only look as far as your own party to find it.

Sherri Eley



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