Letter: Thank you, Mark Miller, for your work at Elida

After a successful career as an NFL quarterback, Mark and Barb Miller decided to settle down and raise a family. They chose Elida school district and immediately made a positive impact.

Mark volunteered many hours and made our Youth Athletic Association second to none. Mark’s hard work, attention to details, organizational skills and the ability to gain community and business support allowed the kids of Elida to enjoy great sport leagues with awesome facilities.

When Mark was hired to work at Elida Local Schools, he made an even greater impact. Mark’s leadership is the reason our aging Fieldhouse received a renovation that keeps it as the premier gymnasium in Northwest Ohio. Mark also established “Diamond Dawgs” that raises money that not only keeps Ed Sandy Field an awesome venue but keeps the alumni together with reunions and keeps our outstanding Elida baseball tradition alive.

I could go on and on about the numerous volunteering hours at TV-44 or all the charitable events Mark and his family have done over the years. Mark and Barb also raised three sons that not only were outstanding athletes but exceptional students as well.

I know I join many people in saying we appreciate all that you have done for our community and your efforts and accomplishments will be enjoyed for many years to come. Thank you, Mark Miller!

Dan Mathias

Lafayette, Indiana


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