Letter: Questioning choices by The Lima News

Have you noticed?

I opened up the paper Saturday morning on Dec. 16 to read about the Bath vs. Elida basketball game, and no, it wasn’t on the front page. I had to look on page 4C. The biggest WBL game on Friday night took a back seat to Wapak vs. Van Wert!

I understand the Lima News is a regional paper, but you had a big game right down the street from your offices.

Also, in Saturday’s paper were pictures that were taken Thursday. One was Judge Rodabaugh being sworn in, and the other was the crash at Advance Auto Parts. I’m sure the pictures “From Our Readers” could have been moved to another day if space was needed.

I would like my Lima News to be more timely, wouldn’t you?

And finally, in recent weeks, have you noticed that the some of the same articles are being printed again with just the picture being changed? Is The Lima News just trying to fill up space?

Sally Ulrich



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