Letter: Jordan picks party over values

In September, Jim Jordan endorsed Roy Moore for Alabama Senate with this statement: “Roy Moore will be a much-needed conservative voice in the Senate. I know the voters of Alabama can count on him to adhere to the Constitution and always stand for the values and principles that made this nation great, and I am proud to give him my endorsement and support.”

More recently, Jordan refused to withdraw his endorsement.

If Jordan believes that party matters more than values, well, that’s what some politicians do. But to continue to endorse a pedophile and bigot and say he represents the Constitution and American values is an insult to our country’s values and the values of Jordan’s own constituents.

Ray Moore was removed from office for violating the Constitution. Moore has said we should get rid of the last 17 amendments: those include voting rights for blacks and women and the repeal of slavery. Moore has said the country was better under slavery. Moore was credibly accused of molesting underage girls, including a 14-year old. Even Alabama’s other Republican senator said that “the state of Alabama deserves better” than Roy Moore. Alabamians agreed, voting against Moore and for morality and decency.

Likewise, Ohio’s 4th district deserves someone better than a congressman who endorses a bigot and child molester.

Beth Sutton-Ramspeck, Lima

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