Where will I sleep tonight?a

It’s not a question many of us will ask — Where will I sleep tonight?

Homeless families living in Lima or traveling through the Lima area cannot always answer that question.

Enter Family Promise.

Why is this program so different? They not only provide these individuals with fish (food) but they make certain they know how to fish (become self-sustaining). By orchestrating their efforts with local agencies, the staff at Family Promise helps these families establish permanent housing and jobs within a 90-day time frame. What a model! Hats off and kudo’s to Trinity United Methodist Church, Bev Beery, Russ Thomas and the staff at Family Promise. Imagine, what would happen if every community in the U.S. would provide this long term solution to those in need? The government could move out as the church moves in. That is a win/win for everyone! May we as a community rally and join this incredible program.

For more information call Family Promise at 419-879-4600.

Kerm and Mary Ellen Stroh

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