Join the club: I love Lima

I am proud to say that I went to the swearing in of our new (old) mayor and his administrative staff for 2018 and on. This was a very nice ceremony and we are lucky to have such talented and dedicated people here to serve us and keep us growing.

Some in our community like to put Lima down — actually they can move to a better town. But, where to find one? How many towns (the size of Lima) have a museum to match our Allen County Museum? Find a town with a Symphony Orchestra to beat the one here!

We have a very good park system. We have many good schools in Lima and the surrounding area. We have a very good mayor and leader. But most of all, we have some very good people in Lima.

And we need more!

Our mayor spoke very forcefully and very eloquently about the need to prepare our young people for their future and then to convince them to come back after college and live in the city of their birth.

As a former teacher with 30 years in the classroom, I both understand this need and concur with this goal completely! We can grow the best young people and we need the best young people right here in Lima.

Look around with a non-biased eye. You live in a great community with the best people and the best leader and a good future. You do not need to hunt for it - you live in it right now! Become a participating member of the “I love Lima Club.” You can show and display that ever day!

George Haver, Lima

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