Letter: ‘Happy Holiday$’ to imported junk

At about this time over the last few years, the Right Wing, Holier-Than-Thou citizenry starts to say there is a War on Christmas. Well, maybe there is, but not the kind they’re talking about.

The real “War On Christmas” isn’t caused by people saying “Happy Holidays,” it’s caused by businesses forgetting the true meaning of Christmas when they start advertising for Black Friday and Cyber Monday long before Thanksgiving, which used to be the official start of the Christmas Season. During these ads, nothing is said about the Almighty, just the almighty dollar and how much their patrons can save buying their imported junk.

So if, and when, the right wing wants to accuse the so-called “libtards” of a War on Christmas, remember what the businesses would say, “Happy Holiday$”.

Larry Donaldson, Elida

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