Letter: I don’t remember forgetting anything

This little note has been inspired by “Let me make a note of that” (Lima News, 11/23/17).

George, if I may address him on a first name basis, may have forgotten that once he puts something in The Lima News, anyone can reply, whether or not he remembers to give an address. That fact can be a benefit or a curse for us old people, depending in great part on the responses we might receive.

Personally, I enjoyed George’s trip down memory lane. One thing I have found that seems to help is always try not to forget to leave important things likes medicine, car keys, my billfold, glasses, keys to the house and mail box at the post office and, perhaps most importantly, the extra roll of toilet paper, in the same place. The problem, of course, is remembering where that same place is. And, as George already knows, making a note to oneself doesn’t always help. As for dealing with one’s spouse, I am sure we are all very interested in what George had thought about writing on his wife’s arm. As for me, in dealing with my (very understanding) wife, my favorite phrase is: Honey, I don’t remember forgetting anything.

Let’s hope, George, that our sorrow for each other is beneficial to both, and thanks again for your trip down memory lane.

Al O’Dell, Kalida

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