Letter: Add some bite to drug courts

Friday’s editorial, “How to reduce the deadly toll of opioids,” advocates the increased use of “Drug Courts,” with which I agree. However, to get addicts into Drug Court, they have to first be arrested for a drug-related crime.

Currently, when someone is revived with Narcan, they are usually sent on their way with no ramifications. Emergency workers will tell you that they are reviving the same people over and over again.

I advocate that whenever someone is revived from an overdose by EMS, police, or hospital staff, they be immediately required to attend a seven-day detox program. This will at least give them a chance at sobriety. Many times, people are revived, only to use again shortly thereafter.

Addicts will tell you that they fear withdrawal, and that keeps them from seeking help. Forcing them to detox will go a long way in reducing the deadly toll of opioids.

Steven L. Burkholder, Lima

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