Letter: Now’s the time for Lima to unite

The election is over folks.

Some people are happy and some are not.

Regardless of where you stood on the candidates and issues, now is not the time to be bashing and belittling people.

I have been all over the world. I’ve seen other countries political way of handling issues. We in the United States of America have the best political system in the world. We have the right, privilege and obligation to go to the polls and vote. It is a system that people all over the world look up to and is jealous of.

Now is the time to bring people together for the good of our city. We have many problems in Lima that need to be addressed. We cannot do that with all the negative comments being made about people who gave up their time and sometimes money to run for a political position.

Don’t belittle or downgrade them. Thank them for the sacrifice and strength to put them before the scrutiny of the media and people. They deserve our respect not our disrespect.

Support all the people who were elected and pledge to work with them for the betterment of Lima. I know I will. I have communicated with “my” city council person, Mr. Todd Gordon, and congratulated him. I have pledged my support as he works to move our city forward.

Please do the same.

Ray Magnus, Lima

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