Letter: Who has done more than Berger?

I recently saw a commercial on television spotlighting investments going on in Lima. It talked about the new planned entrance coming into the city. It talked about Rhodes State College building and bringing people to downtown. The announcement of new Dominion Building and investment in Lima. It announced new upscale apartments coming to downtown. Lima Stadium Park and the location of Lima Senior High School.

As I watched I thought it was a political campaign ad for David Berger. To my surprise it wasn’t. Yet if you look at what this commercial talks about in improvements to Lima you can tie in Mayor Berger playing a role in all of them.

You may have heard the saying, “You don’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it.” Quite often we may overlook what we see as things that need to be addressed but forget about the things that have been addressed.

Lima has seen many lost jobs in the past years and some tax base leave. In almost every case, the mayor was there putting committees together to help keep them open and here. While not always successful, the ones that remain here and open provide good paying jobs and benefits.

Looking at the city finances tells you Lima has managed its money well. Some cities around Lima have to address cuts and layoffs. Lima is adding jobs to our safety services. If it weren’t for the mayor working with others to assure the community made every effort to keep those businesses here, the financial statement of Lima wouldn’t look like it does.

Ask yourself this. Name one elected official that has done more.

George Jefferies, Celina

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