Letter: Twisting stats fake in mayor’s race

A canvasser for Mayor Berger stopped by. We did just fine until he got to the crime claim. Crime is a very complex issue and neither the mayor or the police nor any other single group can be solely blamed. But, the mayor chose to take credit for reducing crime in Lima. Having a good background in statistics, I called “foul.” It must have not been the first time he had heard that, because the young canvasser didn’t flinch.

Berger and Cheney might differ on the “perception” of crime in our city, but when they claim the opposite based on statistics, that is a real problem. My perception is that there are more murders, armed robberies, burglaries and shots fired than there were in years past. Mayor Berger picks data that disagrees with virtually everything found in any online reports. It sounds like Rhodes State College, where the state of Ohio says enrollment is down, but the college says that enrollment is up. Just drive through their parking lot or view Google Earth to see which of those is true.

The mayor and the college must be using the same person for their stats.

In the city, even on my block, one only has to see the number of residents with concealed carry permits, the number of neighbors armed, locked and loaded compared to five or 10 years ago. So, Mayor Berger, if you want to tilt statistics to show something that isn’t true, you are either an illusionist (fool me), or deluded (fool yourself), but don’t assault my sensibilities with fake stats.

Mike Thaman, Lima


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