Letter: Where’s the beef? Not in St. Marys

St. Marys sits strategically between two county seats; strategically, because both cities should be attracted to the goods and services we, here in St. Marys, can provide for them.

Can you name those goods and services? No? Of course not.

St. Marys has always been the “meat in the sandwich.” Two pieces of nothing white bread with the best part—the real payload part of the sandwich — right there in the middle.

Not anymore.

St. Marys is a Nothing Burger now. The two pieces of white bread are still there and quite desirable. The middle is not.

What has happened to us? We’ve lost our drive — our desire to be the best among the great. You walk down Spring Street— what’s left of it — and all you see are down-turned faces; no ambition, no interest beyond what to do today to fill the time.

That has led to sniping and griping on a scale worthy of champion mud wrestlers! Are we reducing ourselves to street fighters? Toughs? Bullies? Is that what passes for great sport, or for proper comportment at meetings these days? The righteous here can do no right and the bullies and tough guys are having a field day—without challenge.

History shows that nations (cities, villages, families) are not conquered from outside; they commit suicide. Looks like St. Marys has its weapon of choice: defeatist attitude with a large dollop of intimidation by ignorant imbeciles and brain dead bullies.

Rest in peace, Nothing Burger, Ohio.

Carol Henderson, St Marys

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