Letter: RTA seeking more than needed

RTA is asking for a 0.25% sales tax increase. Before I vote there are some questions I feel need an answer.

RTA needs 1 million to supplement lost funding. This tax would raise $4 million. Where would the extra $3 million go? Who would control it: the county or RTA?

RTA has 396,000 plus riders. Where are these riders? Who are these riders? Do they pay? The other transports they do, do these people pay? RTA claims 86 percent of this tax will be paid by outside shoppers. Really? Will Allen County citizens be exempt from paying this tax when they buy things in Lima? Didn’t RTA get funding to put bike racks on some buses a few years ago for bike and ride? When they transport people outside Allen County, don’t they charge for that? They used a person from a nursing home to express the effect the loss of the tax will have on the elderly. Don’t nursing homes have their own transportation vans? The RTA board voted 4-3 to use sales tax for funding. Did the three members who voted no have an alternate plan or idea?

It seems they are using scare tactics and playing on sympathies by using our senior citizens as pawns in a somewhat political situation. As a senior citizen, I am tired of paying higher taxes to support a business.

Where is the fiscal responsibility of this company? Please think of these questions before you vote. Then vote with your mind and common sense, not just your heart. Get informed.

Tarry Moneer, Lima

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