Letter: Dog barking gone; hopefully Gordon too

People in the 1st Ward just thought you would like to know a little about Todd Gordon before you vote.

Two months ago we had a problem with a barking dog in the 1st Ward. Neighbors were getting upset. Some of these people sleep during the day in order to work nights. I called Todd Gordon to see if he could help. Two days later he called back and asked what I wanted. I told him a dog is barking every day 24 hours. He said he would get back.

Two weeks later I called again. I said can’t you hear his barking. You live right behind the dog. His answer: No I shut doors and windows and turn on the air. The dog was still barking two weeks later. I called again and he never answered my call.

I called Ray Magnus and he talked to dog owner. The dog is no longer barking. Thanks Ray. Thanks dog owner.

You have my vote Ray. Hope others follow my lead.

Linda Phillips, Lima

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