Letter: Hollenbacher has served Bath well

Roy Hollenbacher is running for reelection as Bath Township Trustee. As a lifetime Bath Township resident and the daughter of a former trustee, I am somewhat familiar with what is required of township trustees. It is not simply sitting behind a desk during the twice-monthly meetings. Decisions must be made to approve or deny zoning changes, to approve expenditures and budgets, to hire employees, as well as hiring an attorney for township legal purposes, when necessary. Decisions are made by all three trustees, not just one.

The trustees have a duty to serve the citizens of our township, at times on a moment’s notice, which would be difficult for someone who is still working a full-time job. They direct, lead and assist the township employees with their duties, as needed. At times it is a thankless job as they cannot please all of the people all of the time. To be an effective trustee one must be extremely familiar with the township including its roads, bridges, drainage apparatus, etc.

On more than one occasion I have called on Roy and he has always been there to help me with my concern or problem. If you speak to township employees you will learn of Roy’s integrity and his desire to make Bath Township a great place to work, live and play. Roy has my vote for reelection as Township Trustee and I hope he will have yours.

Kathleen Ruhlen, Lima

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