Letter: Teresa Adams gets things done

We have lived in the Lima 5th Ward for over 30 years as have many of our neighbors. Our councilwoman, Teresa Adams, has represented her constituents and our ward in an exemplary manner. She has proven to be honest and trustworthy. She has worked tirelessly to address issues that may plague our ward.

There have been houses that have been abandoned and unsafe. Kids were playing in and around these buildings. They were stripped of copper pipe and furnace. Vagrants had started fires inside to keep warm. She addressed those issues and worked with the appropriate people to rectify and correct them.

She was a voice in tearing down the old Davis and Enamel building that was an eyesore to all who may enter Lima from the Kibby Street eastside. Any potential business wanting to locate there might draw a negative opinion of our area if entering there. That can hinder economic growth.

She has been a voice for our ward while never shunning away from difficult issues. She has earned our vote.

Sheila and Gary Frueh, Lima

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