Letter: Berger not only promises, he delivers

Mayor Berger has fought for the City of Lima and won. I remember how the county struggled with the cut in state support and had to make drastic cuts. Lima, faced with those same cuts, was able to handle them without drama.

That demonstrated forethought and planning by the city and its mayor, Dave Berger. He knows how to balance a budget.

Mayor Berger’s work to support existing businesses and to seek new businesses is legendary. He worked hard to keep the tank plant here and along with the support of many others was able to succeed. His opponent wasn’t on the task force and I don’t remember him lifting a finger to help, though he now promises to do everything for everyone. Where was he then? Berger doesn’t just promise, he delivers.

It seems to me that the choice is easy. I will choose demonstrated skill and energy, delivered results, and a record of accomplishments on the job. Are there challenges to be met? Absolutely which is why I want someone of demonstrated skill in the job to remain on the job. Promises are easy to make, particularly when you have no track record.

Vote to continue hard-working and effective government in Lima. Vote for someone who knows the job because he has done the job. Vote for Mayor Dave Berger.

James Bode, Lima


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