Letter: Belton able to get things done

I recently read the article about the Shawnee Township Trustees in the Voter Information Guide published by the League of Women Voters. There are two trustee positions open for this particular term and I am in full support of Mr. Dave Belton. I am thankful to live in a county where our voice matters and our vote counts. I also believe that with that right comes the responsibility to be educated about that for which you are voting.

The publication asks Dave about his current occupation and training, his experience and what major issues face the township and how he will address them? In the limited amount of time and space provided, the publication does a fantastic job of capturing Dave’s responses.

If you have not read the Voter Information Guide, I encourage you to do so. I simply want to expound on those things from personal experience. I have known Dave my entire life. When I was a child, he earned my respect as a firefighter. This was someone I saw in an extremely important position taken very seriously for the safety of a community. As an adult. I have been a lifelong resident and have seen firsthand how this community has remained so very important to Dave both professionally and personally.

My support for Dave Belton comes from what I feel is important in leadership: Remembering where you’re from, vision and execution.

Keaton Lehman, Lima

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