Letter: Gordon puts ward ahead of politics

The 1st Ward needs someone who puts its constituents first and politics second. It is my firm belief that is exactly what incumbent Todd Gordon has done and will continue to do after his re-election in November. While I cannot speak to the challenger’s integrity, agenda, or motives for running; I can testify for Todd Gordon.

I’ve had the privilege to work alongside Todd on several different levels. He has always been a man guided by his convictions and tempered by his humility. Todd is never shy in speaking for the people and not afraid to seek wisdom on their behalf. Lima has struggled in many areas throughout the years and Todd doesn’t ignore this town’s shortcomings; instead he works alongside city officials and some of the city’s finest residents to secure a better future.

I have personally seen Todd unite people for a common good. While serving as union president, Todd worked diligently on behalf of the members to secure employment opportunities and maintain the staffing levels of those serving in some very tough situations. I have also seen Todd work with the administration to ease working conditions to allow employees more time with their families. While I’ve served under many different administrative boards, councils, and leaders, I can honestly say I have never seen a leader with a compassion for the people like Todd Gordon has. Todd cares for people, puts others before himself and believes in this city.

Paul Engler, Lima

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