Letter: Mayor unites, Cheney divides

Letters have been received saying rent may be raised if some rental housing legislation in Lima is passed. I have also received literature saying one third of Lima residents live in poverty. Crime rate is up while household income and home ownership is down. Population is also down.

The question I must ask is, “Is this something new?”

The issues are being used as political points to gain some advantage on Election Day. The reality is it is more a tool of trying to divide rather than bring people together to resolve. At what point do we continue to talk about what is wrong and start working on how we can fix them.

Working in industry has taught me being successful needs leadership from the top pushed down. It brings far more success. Issues of change should be a good education and a good paying job. A mayor can do only so much. It requires cooperation from city council, county and state elected officials in addressing these issues.

This brings me to my point. Shouldn’t we ask all levels of our elected officials to work to resolve these problems? When and how should they be working together to address these issues. The problems shouldn’t come up once every four years. It shouldn’t be used to divide or scare our community as it seems to being used.

We can accept the politics of division and never get anything more than we already have. We need to ask all our elected officials to work together. The mayor has proven leadership. That is why I am voting for Mayor Berger. He has worked across the aisle.

Clarence Zanders



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