Letter: Berger’s record one of integrity

Change for the sake of change. … when was that ever a good idea? Dave Berger, for 28 years, has served the city of Lima better than anyone who has held the mayor’s office in the more than 40 years I have lived in Lima.

The reason Dave Berger has been the best mayor is because he honestly believes that all people from all parties and political ideologies bring something of value to the discussion and should be heard. I do not always agree with Mayor Berger, but I have always trusted his ability to make decisions based on the time and energy he gives to everything he does.

I know that Mayor Berger has always listened to my concerns. And I have never had to worry about his integrity, his work ethic, his desire to do the best for city he loves.

For those of us who have lived in Lima for more than 40 years, Dave Berger has made Lima a better place to live, work and raise a family. I know Dave Berger’s record of service to this city. I know nothing about his opponent’s record of service to this city. Perhaps because there is none?

And, where was Mr. Cheney and others involved in City politics over the last 28 years? If everything was going along so badly, what did they do to make things better. I don’t think you have to be Mayor to work for positive change. Can you remember, other than being local chair of the Republican Party, a time when Mr. Cheney got involved in local issues period?

For me, it’s simple: I trust Dave Berger.

Linda Chartrand

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