Letter: Time for change, time for Cheney

Well. well. well.

You really do think you have done something for Lima, Mr. Berger? I have lived in Lima almost all of my life and you haven’t done anything for this town. You have done a lot for yourself, but not for the people that live here. You will never get my vote and I’m sure there are many people here in Lima that feel the same way.

I do. You have had 28 years to do what is good for Lima and the people here, but you chose not to. So therefore you don’t get another chance in my book to try and do anything for all of us and for Lima. You had your chances too many times. It’s time for a change and in November there will be a change for the better of Lima.

We also have another issue with you. You are supposed to be our mayor and do what’s good for Lima. Why are you not in the mayor’s office doing your job we pay you to do? You are at the tank plant involved with them. That’s not the only jobs in Lima and we need many jobs so people can get off welfare and unemployment.

You and the police chief lie about things going on in Lima. There is more crime then you both say that there is, so I have spoken and it’s time for a big change.

I am voting for Keith Cheney.

Bruce VanSchoyck, Lima

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