Letter: NFL is a slice of America

I have yet to hear a commentator say what I am sure is behind all this kneeling for the National Anthem.

The NFL for over 40 years has been a perfect and shining example of race relations as they actually exist in 98 percent of America. Blacks, whites, hispanics, mixed race — all working together, all depending on each other - all a team.

There’s no consideration for the color of one’s skin: only for their ability to perform on the field. All helping each other be their best and all being friends with each other.

This is how things are in most of this country. This is how they are in the country in which I live!

The problem is the left-wing liberals cannot have this. If this is so — where are the “victims” that big government is needed to defend and protect and see that all are “treated fairly”? There are none! So - this institution must be destroyed, the unity and fellowship they have enjoyed with each other cannot be allowed because, if it isn’t, there will be no need for government intervention.

Jim Fletcher, Spencerville

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