Letter: Honor U.S. commitment

I was interested to read the recent letter to The Lima News arguing that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program lets people violate the law’s existing processes for becoming a citizen.

I discussed the writer’s argument with others in Ada. Here are some counterarguments:

• DACA participants actually were following the law (as laid out by the Obama administration) by registering for the program.

• The law regularly changes; immigration law has shifted many times over the years.

• We like to speak of the importance of following the law, but America has not always done that itself. For example, treaties with Indians, America’s original inhabitants, have often been violated by the U.S. Government.

For me, the strongest arguments for supporting DACA are moral and ethical. DACA participants, who arrived in the U.S. as children, were promised that they would have a path to citizenship. In good faith, they provided their information. I don’t want to see our government violate that commitment, and send them back to countries they have little familiarity with.

I have been calling my representatives about DACA, urging them to pass the Dream Act in Congress to ensure that DACA recipients can stay in the U.S. I appreciate U.S. Sen. Brown’s support for DACA. I haven’t yet gotten a clear response from U.S. Sen. Portman or Hardin County’s Representative Robert Latta. I hope that they will honor our country’s commitment and protect DACA recipients.

Maya Fischhoff, Ada

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