Letter: Don’t I have a right to speak?

The Trump-like conduct of the Berger campaign to scan my personal Facebook page to use against the NAACP is childish and reckless. I believe in the First Amendment, which gives me the right to express my personal views. The NAACP is a civil rights organization and wouldn’t support hindering any constitutional rights. Obviously, the Berger campaign doesn’t believe in those rights. How low will Berger and his team go to try to win?

I am a native of Lima and have lived in the area for 56 years. I have witnessed the deterioration of the city, economic strain on minorities, black males being racially profiled by the Lima Police Department and a declining education system. These issues are too great for voters to vote by party affiliation alone.

Any candidate should be able to articulate their views on these issues. How dare Berger try to use me as a scapegoat to avoid participating in a forum to address these issues. The NAACP debates have always had a moderator who poses the same questions to participants for a response, therefore the process is fair.

Berger has used individuals in the black community over the years as pawns for his personal gain. I will never be a sellout for anyone. I find it repulsive for Berger to pit one group against another within the minority community. Yes, if I lived in the city limits, I would cast my vote for Keith Cheney. I don’t know if he will deliver on his campaign promises, but I would be willing to give him an opportunity. Berger has shown for 28 years he doesn’t care about the minority community.

Carol Fails, Lima

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