Letter: Berger brings competence

When I drive around Lima I am reminded of many positive memories and the people associated with these memories. Going by Westgate Lanes and the old YMCA, I recall when Mayor Berger bowled and played basketball with the Lima City Middle School students in the Adopt-A-Cop Program, which Mayor Berger helped to start. As I pass the site of the old Lima Senior, I am reminded of Mayor Berger talking with government students who walked away with a more positive understanding of citizenship.

Traveling down Eureka Street I see the homes the mayor rehabilitated when he was the director of Project Rehab. Parked in front of the new YMCA, I recall how instrumental the mayor was in keeping the YMCA in the city. Downtown, I see evidence of the $100 million in development that is going on right now with the Rhodes State Complex, the Dominion Campus, and the rebirth of the National Bank Building. Tthese projects happened under the leadership of Mayor Berger. As I travel through the neighborhoods I come across the five Community Oriented Policing Stations. They were implemented under the initiative of our current mayor.

There is no question the Refinery would be gone if not for Mayor Berger’s leadership. The Ford plant and the tank plant are still here, in part because of Mayor Berger’s work.

I want to live in a city in which speed is not the only concern. I would rather live in a city where the government is committed to competence. When I think of David Berger the word that immediately comes to mind is competence. Let us continue to have competent leadership by reelecting David Berger mayor.

Chuck Schierloh, Lima

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