Letter: Portman says one thing, does another

At a recent tele-Town Hall, Sen. Rob Portman said that he wanted to hear from all his constituents — Republicans, Democrats and independents.

This can’t possibly be true.

He supported the last Senate health care bill, which would have stripped health care coverage from 22 million Americans. He’s learning toward supporting the rushed-through Graham-Cassidy bill, which would end funding for Americans on the ACA and Medicaid expansion, allow insurance companies to charge extra for people with pre-existing and chronic health conditions, and reduce funding for disability and addiction services.

Polling on the last bill showed that only 12 percent of Americans approved, including only one of three Republicans. The Graham-Cassidy Bill is even more devastating than the last Senate health care bill. But Sen. Portman endorsed the last bill, and will probably endorse this one.

If you want health care coverage that works for you and not the insurance companies, call Sen. Portman now at (202) 224-3353. Tell him you want him to listen to the majority of his Ohio constituents and not vote for Graham-Cassidy.

Lisa Robeson, Bluffton

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