Letter: Winners, losers of health care

Three different healthcare plans:

1. Designed to stop ACA/Obama Care

2. Designed to stabilize ACA/Obama Care

3. Designed to provide healthcare to all Americans

Republicans have until Sept. 30 to repeal and replace the ACA/Obama Care with 50 votes. After Sept. 30 they will need 60 votes.

1. The Graham Cassidy bill is expected to come up for a vote soon. The bill ends Medicaid expansion coverage for millions of low-income adults. It takes health care dollars from the federal government and gives it to the states in the form of block grants. Federal funding is dramatically decreased. In 2026 Ohio would receive $2.5 billion less in Medicaid assistance.

Winners: Private Insurance companies.

Losers: Patients

2. A bipartisan bill initiated by Senator Alexander, a Republican, includes a list of proposals to stabilize the health insurance markets so Americans can continue their health insurance coverage under the ACA. Forty-three Democrats and Republicans are working together on this bill.

Winners: Private health insurance companies and patients.

Losers: Potentially none if federal investment remains at the same levels

3. The third plan Medicare For All was reintroduced by Bernie Sanders on Sept. 13. Sixteen Democrat cosponsors signed on. Medicare For All House Bill 676 was introduced by Representative Conyers and currently has 119 cosponsors. Medicare for all would eventually stop private for profit health insurance costs and be replaced with tax increases.

Cost estimates 2018- 2027

Medicare For All 676 = $32 trillion uninsured Americans = ZERO

Current System = $49 trillion uninsured Americans = 27.5 Million (2017#)

Winners: Everyone: patients, health care providers, American business and industry, America.

Chris Elstro, Lima

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