Letter: So lucky to be alive

As fall and cooler nights approach people will start to turn on their furnace. For those who do not have a carbon monoxide detector please get one!

Our daughter’s family didn’t have one and on the evening of May 8th we almost lost our daughter and two grandchildren due to carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty furnace. We were extremely close to losing our precious 15-year-old granddaughter who passed out and had to have CPR to revive her. In another five or 10 minutes we would have lost her to the odorless carbon monoxide poisoning.

The fast response of the Ada Fire Department got them transported to Lima Memorial Hospital, who made sure they were stable and then transported them to Toledo Hospital. The doctor told us if they would have went to bed that night none of the family would be here today and our lives would have changed forever.

So please protect yourselves and your families. Put a carbon monoxide detector in your homes. Our children all have one now. We made sure of that. Their lives are too precious to lose.

Thank you to the Ada Fire Department for their fast response and to Memorial and Toledo Hospitals for the excellent care.

Sheila Frueh, Lima


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