Letter: Donaldson’s work kept us employed

In a recent letter, Doyle Phillips decried several false and misleading statements about both Larry Donaldson and the upturn at the tank plant. Larry’s views are outside of the ultra-conservative political norm, but not necessarily the political main stream of our great nation.

Larry was an official of the UAW at the Lima Army Tank Plant. He spent years promoting and lobbying (in Lima, Columbus and Washington D.C.) for sustaining and increasing its production. He did more than just complain to whomever he was talking to about everyone else, he actively worked hard to keep us employed.

While Donald Trump has given lip service to many areas of our economy, the current recalls, hiring and improvements at the plant cannot be attributed to our current president as these actions have been in the works for well over a year (just google The Lima News articles of things coming to the plant in the last two years). Current activities (hiring, production and plant improvements) are a result of the previous administration’s record of success. Support from our Ohio Senators, Mayor Berger, Task Force Lima (which included Larry Donaldson), the tank plant leadership team (also included Donaldson) and the aforementioned UAW all combined and worked very hard to bring the current improvements, production and hiring to our community.

P.S. Doyle if you truly despise the sludge spewed by the UAW, I can’t imagine why you force yourself to work there?

George Jeffries, Celina

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