Letter: Historic confusion surrounding our memorials

There seems to be some historic confusion surrounding our memorials recognizing American leaders. None of the historic figures that have served our nation have been without flaws, or were immune from making decisions that in hindsight were quite wrong.

The editorial cartoon on Wednesday, Aug. 23, suggested the memorials for Presidents Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Franklin Roosevelt were in jeopardy as cities and states removed memorials of Confederate leaders.

We usually don’t erect monuments to those committing treason, which is why there is no discussion of monuments to Benedict Arnold, Alger Hiss or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg — all notorious traitors. Perhaps a robust discussion of how and why we recognize those who betrayed the Union and took up arms in rebellion against our nation and its constitution is useful, but the discussion should be about monuments to traitors, not about monuments to flawed patriots and champions of our rights and liberties.

Howard Fenton, Ada

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