Letter: Only one side guilty of hate

I am disappointed The Lima News chose to print the opinion expressed by Glep Tsipursky on the Editorial Page of Aug. 22. The “both sides argument” is bogus.

There is no justification for the acts of Neo Nazis, White Supremacists or the Ku Klux Klan. Their only cause for existence is to spread hate and to preach “otherness” propaganda. That is un-American and cannot be tolerated!

The Civil War and World War II were fought to protect everyone from those ideologies. The rally in Charlottesville was not about a statue of a Civil War general. That would have been best served by meeting with the city administration to peacefully request preservation. It was promoted as a Unite the Right rally for weeks beforehand.

People who have a peaceful cause do not adopt the torchlight marches if the KKK, hate slogans and stiff arm salutes of the Nazis and the White Supremacists. People who claim to be peaceful do not come armed and do not bring heavily armed citizen militia groups along to “keep the peace”. The world learned, in the late 1930s, that the penalty for being quiet in the face of hate is tyranny and annihilation.

We will not stand silent and acquiescent this time!!

Jane Myers, Wapakoneta

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