Letter: Ohioans should vote on congressional redistricting proposal

There’s an exciting initiative underway to give Ohioans a stronger voice in selecting our representatives in Congress. Fair Districts = Fair Elections, a bipartisan initiative supported by the League of Women Voters, is collecting petition signatures to let us vote on Congressional redistricting on the 2018 Ohio ballot.

Local group AHEAD (Allen and Hardin for Election Action and Democracy) is collecting signatures at local events. Find out more online at http://bit.ly/2tPy0He.

In 2015, Ohio citizens overwhelmingly passed redistricting of state seats. The 2018 proposal would apply the same fair model to our U.S. Congressional districts.

Today, our Congressional districts are drawn to be safely Republican or safely Democratic. The result: Districts cover strangely shaped areas, making it hard for any representative to accurately address citizen concerns. Representatives are less accountable to voters because their districts are “safe.” And while Ohio residents are 50-50 Democrat and Republican, our districts and Representatives don’t reflect that split.

The Fair Districts = Fair Elections proposal provides a fair, bipartisan approach to drawing district lines. It’ll help our democracy and our state.

Maya Fischhoff



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